House Hunting Date

One of the dates I had recently was a bit unusual. This guy had messaged me on a dating site we were on and after a few days he asked to meet and we met at a coffee shop and it seemed to go ok, I didn’t get a weird, unsafe vibe or anything, so decided to trust him for a real full length date. One of the things he suggested we do was different but seemed a bit fun. His dad was a real estate agent and he was used to trailing around with him on open houses for clients homes and whatnot.

He said sometimes for fun he’s go into open houses and walk around and pretend he was a potential buy and just look around people’s houses. It seemed harmless enough, so that’s what we did. We got the real estate section of the paper and looked for nearby open houses and just started walking around in them as if we were a newly married couple looking for a house. It was interesting to see the homes of people that weren’t friends or family, that were all tidied up and looking their best for people possibly interested in buying it. After we looked around 6 or so houses, we had bite to eat at a local pub and discussed the homes and which ones we liked best, which ones we disliked and which ones we’d buy if we were in fact looking to move. It was different and not like any other dates I’d been on before.

He was likely going to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a real estate agent as well. He liked the business and was looking into house flipping as well, since he was very handy apparently. I liked him and could see him being a friend, but not really date material again. We got along well and I’d even be up for another round of open house crashing posing as the newlyweds. Different people certainly have unusual ideas as to what constitutes a good date and what doesn’t, but house tours is fine by me once in a while.

Soup Kitchen Date

One date I had with this guy I met on a dating site, well his profile did outline he was really into volunteering and helping others. I didn’t know what to think when for our first date, well the first half of it, he asked if I’d help him out at one of places he volunteered at, the local soup kitchen. I’d never volunteered before and this was a bit intensive. All the food was already made, we were just there to serve it up. I couldn’t really dress up to serve up meals wearing a hair net and latex gloves.

He said he usually liked to take girls here for their first date to see how civic minded they were and how open about helping others. I found that a bit of an odd statement, but I wasn’t adverse to helping others. After we served up dinner and left the soup kitchen we took a drive and talked. It wasn’t one of my more exciting dates, I can tell you. He was nice enough, but he just wasn’t my sort of person. I got the idea that the putting others first, as noble as that is, that it would always come first to everything, even a girlfriend and I didn’t feel like playing second fiddle to his charity work. He was in school to be a social worker, again, very noble, but just not on the same wavelength as I was.

It wasn’t actually the first date I’d done volunteer work on, one of my favorite boyfriends I ever had volunteered each year at a local movie festival and it was fun. The movies were all old classics they showed and after setting up we got to go to any of the movies for free. We actually saw each other daily during the festival and saw a couple of different movies each night, that was a bit more my speed for volunteering activities. I guess entertainment isn’t as noble as feeding the hungry, but the festival was all done by volunteers and I enjoyed that very much.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside


What would a fun and inexpensive date that can integrate winter? Why, ice skating! How many of us that live in the Northern climes didn’t ice skate as a child? It’s a fun activity that’s a great date, if you’re the lady and haven’t been on skates in a while, your date will hopefully be there to catch you while you fall back and won’t let you fall down on the cold, hard ice. It’s great for burning calories as well. Bundled up, arms wrapped around each other, it’s a very fun winter date.

There’s lots of fun winter activities you could do, tobogganing isn’t just for the kids, it’s lots of fun and there’s plenty of fun the snow can bring us. Building a snowman costs nothing and it’s a lot of fun to see your handiwork afterwards and decorate him up in one of your yards. There’s skiing of course, but that’s an expensive hobby and unless you don’t know what you’re doing, you could seriously injure yourself, so that’s an activity best left to ones with experience at it, but the others are all fun and healthful dates that will bring a rush to your cheeks and be a nice, wintertime memory for years to come.

Take advantage of wintertime dates and do things you can’t other times of the year. You can sit in a movie theater any day of the year, that’s not anything special, but you can’t make a snowman or go sledding in the middle of July. Dates like this will be fun for you both, and are appropriate for double dates or group dates as well. More than one couple can actually enhance date activity like these and be a wonderful get together with warming drinks afterwards. Most people aren’t drinking mulled cider in the summertime, or buttered rums. Enjoy the seasonal drinks as well as the activities.

Do Onto Others

Some people join online dating sites not for the reason to actually meet other people, but honestly just because they are bored and have nothing better to do than yank people’s chains. Personal experiences I have had, one messaged me that was a very good looking man, he seemed to be all I wanted, the old a little too good to be true thing we’ve all been warned about. He said he was in dental school and looking for a serious long term relationship. The looks thing was bothering me though. He was just a bit too good looking, so I reverse looked up the pics. Wouldn’t you know, they were that of a Brazilian pop star. All that and time for dental school too.

I can’t even count the number of profiles ones have made with celebrities, everyone from soap opera actors to Spanish soccer stars. They are not there to find true love, they are there to send ridiculous messages and jokes and the kinds of pics they shouldn’t and all kinds of insane reasons. Many will claim they are interested in a relationship, but you set up the date and they never show. I’ve been stood up 5 times by guys from dating sites that claimed to be serious. If they were they wouldn’t be standing people up they claimed to be interested in enough to set up a date.

Sadly online many people do not feel they are accountable for their actions, they figure this is just some person behind a screen I will never have to meet, never have to apologize to, I can act however I want and get away with it, they have no way to contact me, I can block them on the dating site as soon as I behave in an inappropriate manner, and they do. If they treat people this way in their real life, they wouldn’t have many friends for long.

Brand New Life

I’m going to a baby shower this weekend. My best friend is expecting her first child in a couple of months. The man she married last year, they met on an online dating site. At first she was a bit embarrassed to tell her friends and family, since she was worried they’d think it was a bit of a desperate move on her part to be on such a site, but she soon realized she’d met the man of her dreams and she had no worries about telling the truth about where they met.

The thing is, she’s the third person I’ve known in the last 5 years that has met their spouse online. I’ve tried dating sites myself and had mixed results. I’ve met a few ok guys, and a couple of creeps, butt he same could be said about any kind of dates you’d have with a variety of guys. Some will go well, others, you will be faking a headache before the drinks come. Dating sites get a bad reputation for some people because of some that use fake pics or lie about their age, weight, height, etc. Not everyone does that though, some people are on online dating sites because they genuinely are seeking some real, honest connections with someone else and they’ve found this is the best for them to meet someone.

More and more people are working long hours and some from home, so they aren’t even exposed to the number of people some are to begin with, their contact for face to face meetings is limited to say the least, so online is what is within reach and practical to them. Some might just be too tired at the end of their day to get all dolled up and go to sit in some loud club and hope someone comes up to them and shows some interest. Online can be a whole lot more convenient.

Here Comes The Bride


For some people, online dating isn’t just about casual meetings, they have more serious intentions. Getting married and starting a family. Many of us have done the bar scene, done the casual thing and it’s left us feeling empty, disappointed and just tired of the whole scene. We are settled in our careers, know what we want, and many are ready to settle down and look for a serious relationship and possible marriage.

Dating can be fun, getting to know new people and seeing what we truly like ourselves, but there comes a day for most of us when we want more. Not all of us are cut out to be family people and want a marriage and kids, but for the majority of people, that’s where life leads. In North America luckily we don’t have arranged marriages anymore except within some very strict cultures you can find among immigrants, so people have to find their own love connections and mates and in today’s world, it’s no easy task. It’s easy to find casual situations if that’s what you want, but for serious relationships that you want to have a future, you need to look long and hard and carefully.

Online dating sites come in many different sorts, from the fun and flirty no commitment type, to the marriage minded ones and they even have more religious ones for the more serious minded types that are into that and have that as a criteria for their future mate. It’s almost like online shopping, you can likely find what you want if you search deeply enough. It can be a long search to find someone we deem suitable for ourselves, especially if marriage is our end goal. Every site has their success stories, many even have vote on them sections where real life couples that met via the site share their how we met story and other members votes on what they think is the sweetest story.